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Surname and Biographical Books

929.2 Abb  Abbott-Ancestors and Descendants of Albert Cutler Abbott by Marian Abbott Gunderson, 1987.
929.2 Abb  Abbott Family Bible, copied by Marian Abbott Gunderson, 2002. 
929.2 Ais   Aiston-Chamberlin Family History, by Louise Aiston-Chamberlin, 1981. 
929.2 And  Anderson and Bjellend Family History by George A. Hill
929.2 And  Anderson Family History, by John W Anderson, Jr., 1987.  
929.2 And  John and Martha Anderson Family, by Lee A. Gladwin, 1993.  
929.2 App  Nathaniel Applegate, 1792-1863, by J. Morris Christy, 1986.  
929.2 Arn   Arney Book 1
929.2 Arn   Arney Book 2
929.2 Aus  160 Allied Families, by John Osbourne Austin, 1977.  
929.2 Axt   Axtell Genealogy, comp. by Carson A. Axtell, 1945. 
929.2 Bar   Barnes, Barns. No author, no date. 
929.2 Bar   Bartines of Marshall County
929.2 Bea  Beal Findings, by Jeane Waters Strong, 1992. 
929.2 Ber   Bertine Family
929.2 Bib   Bible Records (IA) copied by Mrs. George H. Hitch and Mrs. Marvin R. Ankrum, no date. 
929.2 Bla   English Pilgrimage for 15 Families, by Ruth Blanchard Knudson, 1977.  
929.2 Bor   Borton History, by Lucille Glenn, 1975.  
929.2 Bou  Boulton Family Tree, comp. by Harold Boulton and Betty McKray. 1989.  
929.2 Boy  Ancestral Lines - 190 Families, comp. by Carl Boyer, 1981.  
929.2 Bra   Iowa Braffords, by William R. Brafford, 1988.  
929.2 Bro   Nathaniel Brown Family History, comp. by Esther ElzeI Brown, n. d.  
929.2 Buc  Bucksbaum Family Album - At Home on the Heartland
929.2 Bur   Deacon John Bumham and Ebenezer Martin with Some of Their Descendants, by Elizabeth Puckett Martin, 1987
929.2 Bur   Personal Recollections of Harrison Burns, Indiana Historical Society. 1975.  
929.2 Bur   Burke Family Records
929.2 Bur   Descendants of Ernest Burns, by Randall Lovejoy. 1991.  
929.2 Car   History of Carter Family
929.2 Car   A History of the Carter Family, comp. by American Genealogical Research Unit, 1972.  
929.2 Chr   Christy Family
929.2 Chr   Christy Family 2nd Edition
929.2 Chr   Genealogical History of the Samuel Christy Family. Vol.1, 1983; Vol.2. 1985. ed. by J. Morris Christy.
929.2 Cla   Quaker Yeoman. Genealogy of Clayton. Reynolds. Beals. Brown and related lines. comp. by James E. Bellarts. 1973. 
929.2 Cob  Cober Kin of Iowa
929.2 Col   John B. Cole and C. Cyrus Cole and Descendants in Americ& 1984.  
929.2 Col   The Collins Family. 1975. No author. 
929.2 Coo  Charity Cook. a Liberated Woman. 1981. by Alcie I. Newlin.  
929.2 Cow  Cowley Family, by Lora Maude Cowlev. no date.  
929.2 Cur   Family of Henry Curtis. 1907. No author.
929.2 Cut   Cutler Memorial and Genealogical History. 1984, by Bonnie L. Cutler Boganrief  
929.2 Dar   Darrow Family. No author, no date.  
929.2 Dar   Darling Family in America, 1913. No author.  
929.2 Day  Davis and Allied Families. No author, no date. 
929.2 Eck   Eckles Family Genealogy, comp. by Lulu Irene Waters Hare. 1960.  
929.2 Edd  The Eddy Family in America, comp. by Ruth Story Devereux Eddy, 1930    
929.2 Eva   Evans Family of Perryton, Ohio, by Robert Adams Gaebler. n. d.   
929.2 Fle   The Diary of Calvin Fletcher, Vol. I, ed. by Gayle Thornbrough, 1972.  
929.2 Ful    Fullers from England, by Evelyn L. Jones, no date. 
929.2 Gag  Some Descendants of John Gage of Ipswich, Mass. By Arthur F. Gage, 1908.   
929.2 Gil    Autobiography by George Wallace Gilbert, copied by Cosette F. Hutton, n. d. 
929.2 Goe  Descendants of Henry and Minnie Thomas Goecke, by Audrey Goecke, 1980. 
929.2 Gre   Recollections of Martha Arey Greene, written by her, 1929.  
929.2 Gug  The Guggenheims, an American Epic, by John N. Davis, 1978   
929.2 Han   Families of Thomas and Elizabeth Hanna and Families of William and Elizabeth Janney, 1987   
929.2 Har    Harem, by Beverly Harem Hermes, 1979.  
929.2 Har    The Harlan-Lincoln Tradition at Iowa Wesleyan College, by Louis A. Haselmayer,1977.
929.2 Hau   Pioneer Story of Thomas N. and Nancy B. Hauser and Their Families. Several contributors, no date. 
929.2 Hay  Pickard and Allied Families, by Marilyn Ford Anderson and Anna Carpenter Waite, Pioneer John P. Hay, by Elinor               and Morris Christy, 1984.
929.2 Hey  The Family of Johannes and Dorothea Heyd by John W. Langbehn, 1991. 
929.2 Hia   Hiatt-Hiett Family 1699-1949, comp. by William Perry Johnson, 1951.  
929.2 Hic   Hickman Family from 1745-1986, comp. by Velma Sanders, 1989. 
929.2 Hig   Family Trails Across America, comp. by Hamilton Higday, 1933. 
929.2 Hoc  Descendants of Barbara Hochstedler and Christian Stutzman, by Rev. Harvey Hostetler, 1938
929.2 Hog   My Forefathers, Pioneers of Central Iowa, by Roger M. Hogle, 1993. 
929.2 Ins    Meet the Families of Inskeep and Garwood, comp. by Ruth Celia Inskeep, 1975. 
929.2 Job   Family History of Johns and Rainsbarger, by Mildred 0. Janssen, 1994. 
929.2 Joh   Johnson-Moorman Familes, by Jesse Bryan, n. d.   
929.2 Jud   Philip Judd and His Descendants, by Caroline Judd McDowell, 1923. 
929.2 Kim   Kimes, Campbell. Short. Underwood, Connor, Dodson and Richey, by Jim Richey, 1984. 
929.2 Lac   The Lackor Family. by Man McCall Middleton. 1970.  
929.2 Lee   William Leech and Jane Garretson. Columbiana Co., Ohio. By William Brooke Fetters, 1998.
929.2 Les   by Ruth Blanchard Knudson, 1974.
929.2 Lig    Lighter and Wilhelm Families. by Edwin H. Lighter. 1935. 
929.2 Lon   Longstreth Family Records, by Agnes Longstreth Taylor, 1909  
929.2 Luc   Virginia and Ohio Lucas Families, no author, n. d. 
929.2 Luc   Lucas Genealogy, by Annabelle Kemp. 1964. 
929.2 Lun   Lundy Family and Descendants, by William Clinton Armstrong, 1902.  
929.2 May  John Mayo of Roxbury, Mass., by Chester Garst, 1964.
929.2 McC  McCord Family History.  
929.2 McC  McCord Family. Robert McCord Extended Family History, updated to 1992 by Howard E. McCord. 
929.2 McC  Journal of H. J. McCord, California to Ohio. 1853 
929.2 McC  Mack Reynolds (part of McCord family), by Curtis C. Smith, 1988. 
929.2 McC  McCord Family Charts.
929.2 McC  Civil War Diary of Capt. Henry J. MeCord.
929.2 McC  Journal of H. J. McCord, Ohio to California, 1849-1850. The Detestable Voyage
929.2 Mil     Meet the Mills by Helen Mills Grimes 
929.2 Mit     Mitchell Family, Descendants of James & Nancy Campbell Mitchell 1952
929.2 Moo  Four Generations of Descendants of William Moody, comp. by Noreen C. Pramberg, 1986.
929.2 Mun  Family Records of Walter S. Munter. Donated by Virginia DeButts Adams. 
929.2 Nas  Nash and Related Families - Charts, by Ray Laughrey, n. d. 
929.2 Nel   Anthony Nelson, by Elmer Garfield Van Name, 929.2 Nel  1962.   
929.2 Nic   Nichols Family Histoiy, by Hugh Evans Nichols, 1970.  
929.2 Nic   Diary of Jesse D. Nicholson 1872. From Lois Haile, 1987. 
929.2 Nic  The Families of Thomas and Mary Nichols. No author, no date.
929.2 Nic   Journal Belonging to Pauline Evans Nichols, copied by Marlys Ankrum, n. d. 
929.2 Nie   Niederman Family, ed. by Merle Irene Frericks, 1980.  
929.2 Pac  Elisha Packer, His Ancestors and Descendants, comp. by Ruth Highsmith, 1989.
929.2 Pan  Genealogy of John Paul Family, comp. by Anna Paul Sears, n. d. 
929.2 Pea   Benjamin and Esther Fumas Pearson  Their Ancestors and Descendants,  by George M. Pearson, 1941.
929.2 Pea  Pearson Charts and Records, by Corinne Hanna Diller, 1983
929.2 Pec   Peck Family, by Charles Dolan, n. d.  
929.2 Pet   From Denmark to Iowa, Frederick Petersen. By Leona Mackie Montag, 1978.
929.2 Phe  Phelps, Coons and Edwards Family History, by Kevin M. Fisher, 1983.
929.2 Pie   Descendants of Stephen Pierson, by Frederick Lockwood Pierson, 1895.
929.2 Pre   Michael Prewitt, Sr. and His Descendants, by Richard Arthur Prewitt, n. d.
929.2 Pre   Prewitts in the Census and Military, by Richard A. Prewitt, 1976. 
929.2 Rai   Rainsbarger Story, by Dennis Van Patter, 1970. 
929.2 Rai   The Rainsbarger Family, no author, no date. 
929.2 Ral    Robert Raley and His Descendants, by Elizabeth Zetelman Goetz, 1989.
929.2 Ree   Reece History, 1910, no author. 
929.2 Rei    Reinhart, by Deb Reinhart, n. d.
929.2 Rel    In Memory of Pvt. John A. Reiber – Civil War Veteran of Marshalltown Iowa by Shirley A. Price 
929.2 Rob   The Princess of Wales, by Gary Boyd Roberts and William Addams Reiteviesner. 1984
929.2 Rob   The Robb Family, by bra May Claude Ward, 1983. 
929.2 Rod   Olivia Rodham, pub. by the Olivia Rodham Memorial Library. 1964. 
929.2 Rog   Rogers Family, by A. Barde Rogers, n. d. 
929.2 Rot   Jesse Rothrock, by J. Morris Christy, n. d. 
929.2 Rut   The Rutherford Family, 2 Vol., by William Kenneth and Anna Clay Zimmemrnn Rutherford, 1969.
929.2 Rut   History of Our Ancestors, by William Kenneth and Anna Clay Zimmerman Rutherford, 1970. 
929.2 Sap  The History of Our Family, by Gary L. Sapp, 1989.
929.2 Sat   Ancestors and Descendants of Adam Stuhr, by Virginia Ann Altoffer Stubr, 1992.
929.2 Sch  Echoes - Genealogies of Pennsylvania Families, by Robert Russell Schadt, 1983.
929.2 Sch  The Johannes Schwab Family, by James Jonas Swab. 1994. 
929.2 Sch  Schilder and Reixners Family, by Catherine Niemeyer Schilder, 1994. 
929.2 Sha  The Sharples-Sharpless Family, ed. by Ban Anderson, Vol. III, 1971. 
929.2 Ske  Skeel and Other Families, comp. by Clarence A. and Dorothy Y. Wood, 1983.
929.2 Ske  Skeel-Skeels Family, comp. by Edythe Wilson Thoesen, n. d.
929.2 Smi  The Smith Story, comp. by Max A. Smith and Eugene T. Smith, 1969.
929.2 Sne  Snedecor Family, comp. by James Gayle, 1968. 
929.2 Sno  Snow Genealogy, by Mrs. M. L. T. Alden, n. d. 
929.2 Sta   Descendants of Bean - Cleghorn – Demory – Durr – Elick – Fetzer – Harris – McMillin – Mesler – Statler
929.2 Ste   Stewart-Hunter Pedigree, by Janet Stewart-Hunter, n. d.
929.2 Sto   Descendants of Daniel and Catherine Stover, by Marvin C. Brindle, 1973. 
929.2 Sto   Gregory Stone Genealogy, Vol. I and II . No author, no date. 
929.2 Stu   Descendants of Samuel Sturtevant, comp. by Robert Hunter Sturtevant, 1986.
929.2 Tem  Tempelmeyer Family History, by William Edward Templemeyer, 1982.
929.2 Tho  Thomas Thompson and His Descendants, by William Lytle Thompson, 1898. 
929.2 Van   Genealogy of the Van Winkle Family, by Daniel Van Winkle, a d.
929.2 Vie    Vieth Heritage, by Zela Vieth
929.2 Wil    Williams-Enoch Genealogy, comp. by Mabel Williams Bean, 1952.
929.2 Wol   Wollcen 1821-1970, by Beverly Harem Hermes. n. d. 
929.2 Woo  Wood and Woods Family Magazine, Issue 1 and 2. Vol. XIII; Issue 1, Vol. XLIII and Issue 2. Vol. XVI.
929.2 Woo  Wood Family. by T. W. Valentine. 1871.
929.2 Woo  Wood, Names and Dates in Vermont 1985, no author.
929.2 Wri    Wrights, 400 Years Plus, comp. by Larry C. Wright, 1984. 
929.2 Xli     Klinge-Stenslie Family History, 1979. No author. 
929.2 Yin    The Family of Michael Zenck, Sr., by John W. Langbehn, 1991.
975.6 Isb    The World of My Childhood, by R. L. Isbell, 1955.
977.2 Ohio  Robert Dale Owens Travel Journal 1827, ed. by Josephine M. Elliott, 1978.
978 Eng      To the West in 1894, Travel Journal of Dr. James Douglass English, 1977.


Allison - William Boyd Allison, by Leland L. Sage, 1956.
Dodge - Augustus Caesar Dodge, by Louis Pelzer, 1908.
Dolliver - Jonathan Prentiss Dolliver, by Thomas Richard Ross, 1958.
Howard - James R. Howard and the Farm Bureau , by Robert P. Howard, 1983.
Kirkwood - Samuel Jordan Kirkwood, by Dan Elbert Clark, 1917.
McCulloch - Oscar Carleton McCullough, by Genevieve C. Weeks, 1976.
Miller - Samuel Freeman Miller, by Charles Noble Gregory, 1907.
Washington - George Washington, a Biography. By John R. Alden, 1984.
Weaver - James Baird Weaver, by Fred Emory Haynes, 1919.